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Web Technology Services

We are witnessing the shift to mobile as more and more complex social interactions, digitalization, and technology driven peer to peer exchanges are happening at an astonishing speed. The web is no longer limited to our desktops and laptops. More and more people are being taken to tablet, smartphone, self-serve kiosks and interactive touch screens. Consumers are accessing content everywhere and anywhere via a wide range of devices. The customer expectations and technical innovations have changed over last few years with these trends. In this era of rapid digitalization on web, we focus on ‘Smartly connecting & securing the digital world’. Our endeavor is to enable and assist our enterprise customers to connect to their customers and other stake holders in a smart and secure way while driving the business goals. The demand for quality digital services and the need for consistent user experience lay the foundation for us to develop and deliver services that focus on customer engagement and business efficiency.

We leverage the emerging as well as core technologies in our web technology solutions to enable the world’s top enterprises, governments and organizations deliver business value to their customers and shareholders

Road Map & Strategy

This stage, the stage of discovering and researching, determines how the subsequent steps will look like. The most important task at this point is to get the clear understanding of your future website purposes, the main goals you wish to get, and the target audience you want to attract to your site. Such kind of a website development questionnaire helps to develop the best strategy for further project management.

UI/UX Design

Both UI/UX Design work closely together with the web designing. Though they are two different terms, in general we rarely know the difference between UI & UX designs. UI design deals with the look & appearance of the website, it refers to the page layout, colour scheme, and how the site’s elements are arranged. Likewise, UX design is all about how the product behaves, the product interaction, and how people interact with it. It includes user satisfaction, product usability, and accessibility between that product and the user.


Iaaxin carry out all kinds of website design and development services with the aim to help you succeed. We are not only just a web development company, Our customize projects will work for your future business. We are doing all kinds of web development projects such as custom web-based business applications. Custom web applications like e-commerce web development market place development and considerably more are embrace.

Launch and Maintance

After successful testing, the product/website is either delivered or deployed to the customer's end for their use. Finally Maintenance is an important step which makes sure that your site works with efficiency all the time. We are providing regular updates beyond maintenance, and also clean up and also maintain websites that we did not even design.


  • Error-free delivery
  • Latest technologies are implemented
  • Expertise quality assurance team
  • Talented outsource designer and developers
  • Dedicated customer support through email, phone, skype and instant messengers
  • 9+ years of experience
  • Data Backup, Security and Maintance
  • Agile development methodology

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